I got interested in woodworking while growing up. Working along side my dad, I was involved in building small woodworking and home renovation projects  around the house and our farm. Later on I gained additional building experience while helping my dad build the buildings for his business.

In high school, I was in a Science Technology and Trade curriculum, majoring in architectural drafting and woodworking .  The curriculum also exposed me to various other trades of metal work, electrical, and automotive. 

I went to college in 2004  and graduated with honours in 2005 from Humber College with an Industrial Woodworking Technician diploma.

After graduating from Humber, I started up  H F Bowern Designs, a small business with a focus or making custom furniture and cabinetry. I have designed and made cabinetry, combining solid wood, plywood, and veneers,  to make 5 custom kitchens and other custom cabinets and furniture pieces for the home . I have designed and crafted various kitchen utility items and cutting boards from woods and veneers.  Wanting to expand my interests  into unique wood creations, I have included various media ,such as acrylic paints, coloured stains, resins, metals, and glass to produce unique one of a kind creations.

My journey through woodworking was also influenced by his father in-law, who loved to build furniture, household wooden items, and grandfather clocks.  He was  also a  woodturner, and the major influence into to the world of woodturning. I have worked on many different sizes of lathes over the years from large bowl lathes, midi lathes, to large woodturning lathes. I continue exploring the world of woodturning, and its many avenues of creativity. I enjoy making bowls, vessels, and boxes. and crafting wood art forms that combines all the various influences of woodturning and media I have been exposed to  create and craft unique woodturned items

My philosophy through my career has been governed by two principles.

  1. Never stop learning

  2. You don't make mistakes you make learning opportunities


Please enjoy looking at a my current and past work  in my gallery.  

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and look.

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