Below you find the links to the websites for the various products and references that I use.

NOTE: I am not being being paid by any supplier listed, nor am I warranting or promoting any products for these suppliers I have listed below. 

These links are  a resource provided for you to start to explore or evaluate your specific needs when you are in your search for information for your projects. ​

I can not be held responsible fore the information or claims made on or contained in the links data.

I try to make sure that any noted links are correct, but sometimes website resources change or remove their website or resource links, so use these at your discretion. Let me know if you have a problem.

Wood Species information:

The Wood Database

Woodworking and Wood turning  tools and supplies:

Lee Valley Tools

Federated Tool

Oneway Manufacturing

R & D Bandsaws


Killan Tools

Woodcarving tools and  supplies:

Chipping Away

Feather Animation

Pen making supplies I use:

William Wood-Rite

Penn State Industries

Shop Supplies

Workshop Supplies


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