Playing with resin and colours

February 16, 2018

This time I am experimenting with two types of resin, Pearl Ex pigment powder and Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks. The molds I am using are silicone cupcake molds. The main objectives were to see how well slow mixing of resin would influence the creation of bubbles in the mixture and to not use a pressure pot in curing process. All of the casting was done using a resin product that is self leveling and does dissipate the bubbles somewhat during the curing process.


Art Resin is mixed equal parts, resin and hardener, by weight. The Alumilite Amazing Cast clear resin was mixed, equal parts, resin and hardener, by volume using a measuring cups.  These resins do not need a pressure pot to cure they cure over time, usually 24 hours for first cure and full cure after 48 hours. You can leave them as long as you want to final  cure. 


I added the combination of hardener and resin into a single large clear mixing cup and mixed each combination very slowly, stirring both forwards and reverse and also making sure to scrap down sides and bottom of each mixing up to release any unmixed resin. I let each of the combined mixtures sit for 5 minutes to let any air bubbles break on their own. Basically this is following the manufactures way of mixing.


I divided the resin mixture into two separate clear cups and added the alcohol inks and Pearl Ex powders.  This new combination was slowly mixed to try and stop any further bubbles from being generated in the mixing process.


I then poured the resin, powder and ink mixtures into individual cupcake molds. and placed a box over them, to try and eliminate dust from falling on the molds, and let them cure. After 24 hours I demolded the castings.


I did not cover the setup for my project in this post, but you must protect surfaces of table tops and make sure the molds are on a level surface.  I will be doing some YouTube videos in the near future showing the whole process.


This mixture was Alumilite Amazing Cast clear resin mixed with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks and Pearl Ex powders.

This mixture was Art Resin epoxy resin mixed with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks and Pearl Ex powders.

 All in  all I was surprised on there not being many bubbles in the mixture by not using a pressure pot.  


I plan on making more of these cupcake molds and other shapes of silicone molds.  The plan is to use the castings as inserts for my wood turnings.


See you in the Workshop! 


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